Indigestion Remedies

Natural Indigestion Remedies

Indigestion is normally due to a problem in the secretion of digestive juices in the stomach. Usually indigestion occurs after eating spicy or fatty foods or overeating, quite difficult not to do in yummy Singapore! You can easily relieve indigestion by consuming our recommended remedies for indigestion below!

Lifzyme® Sense 108

For Consumption 

Sense108 is rich in enzymes with a comprehensive blend of over 100 types of pure botanical fermentation extracts. Enzymes help you digest your meals more efficiently and deliver the nutrients from your food to your body and releasing nutrients for energy production and cell growth and repair. Natural supplementation is an excellent way to replenish enzymes that are lost in foods during cooking and processing. Enzymes are one of the most essential elements in our body. They are responsible for absorbing, repairing, dissolving and rebuilding the many ingredients and chemicals our body uses in its daily business of living.

Suggested use:

It is recommended to take 1 capsule before every meal, 2 capsules recommended prior heavy meal.  May take up to 6 capsules a day.

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Enzyme Drink

Lifzyme® Cordyceps Enzyme Drink

For Consumption 

Nano-tech pure natural fruit live enzyme developed by University of Pennsylvania, Zhongshan Medical University, Hung Kuang University of Technology extracted versified fruit essence plus superior oligosaccharides, then, it is implanted with beneficial bacteria and golden-ratio herbal extract for fermentation. It contains various nutrients such as fruit fiber, yeast, protein, minerals, amino acids, vitamins and digestive enzymes, where effects of beauty, health maintenance and nutritional supplements have been praised for years.


  • One to three times a day and 30cc with 5-8 times at ice water or warm water (the water temperature shall be under 45 ̊c for maintenance of active ingredients of beneficial bacteria), or a few minutes in the month with saliva then swallow it as best.
  • Take it prior to breakfast, fasting, after taking bath and exercises, before going to bed which is the best.
  • Take it with enzyme powder or fibre powder to enhance fasting capacity.
  • Keep taking it every day is critical to your beauty and being healthy.

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