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Go Pure – Your Way To A Healthy Life!

It is crucial to consume supplements which are high in quality and are naturally sourced to prevent any negative reactions to the body.

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Supercharging Your Body By Keeping Those Enzyme Levels Up

Enzymes are very important biological catalysts that help induce or speed up biological processes, needed by living things. These help to speed up digestion and metabolism in the body.

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Living That Healthy Life With Food Supplements

Nowadays, there are just too many dangers and challenges to one’s health that people try to think of more ways and exert a lot more effort to stay healthy and free of any illnesses.


The Sweet Solution To Tons Of Health Problems

Bees are more than just producers of those thick and sweet honey that we love. These insects also produce propolis, or the sticky substance that bees get from trees and leaves. Mixed with their own secretions, they use propolis to build, seal, and repair holes, cracks, and panels in their hive.

Getting Help For Your Health

Getting Help For Your Health

Nowadays, the fast-paced life can really weigh and wear you down. With people concentrating on work and not much in taking good care of themselves, more and more get eaten up by stress and suffering from various health issues.


Drink For A Better Health

The food that you eat is your body’s source of energy. You need this energy to perform your functions day in and day out. One way to stay healthy is to eat healthy, exercise, and rest well. However, the nutrients you consume would mean nothing if it wouldn’t be absorbed by the body well.


Go Pure Official Launch Event

A premium line of farmed health products that captures the powerful healing and health-boosting properties of honey and bee propolis in their purest forms. Made with only all-natural ingredients, Go Pure appeals to those who seek effortless, nutritious and delicious ways to incorporate health and wellness into a busy lifestyle.


Enzymes and their wonders

Enzymes are crucial aspects of our body. While many may be skeptical about enzymes due to the many fad diet traps that seem to be prevalent in today’s world to lure in money, be assured that enzymes are not the next fad diet trap.


It is time to Go Pure!

Nowadays, the fast-paced life can really weigh and wear you down. With people concentrating on work and not much in taking good care of themselves, more and more get eaten up by stress and suffering from various health issues.


Eat your supplements now!

Health supplements are crucial to counteract the inadequacy of nutrients that might result from unhealthy eating habits, irregular meal times, and lack of nutrient absorption ability.


Discovering enzyme drink

Enzyme drink might not be popularly known in the US and in other parts of Asia like India and the Philippines but has been known and widely used in Singapore.


Getting supplements from health supplements

Sometimes with how active our lifestyle is we don’t get too much nutrients anymore when we eat. Also because of the manner on how the food is prepared nutrients, vitamins and minerals get washed off and instead we are getting few things from the food that we eat.


Manuka honey products available in Singapore

Honey in general is not just a substitute for sugar and has been known to have therapeutic effects. Commonly used as a sugar substitute, beauty regimen and great with pancakes! The best thing about honey is that it never spoils even for a 100 years!


Know More about Propolis and Manuka Honey

Looking for more natural alternatives as part of your daily supplements? Then you may want to look for the top selections of Manuka Honey in Singapore. When alternately used with Propolis Honey, you and your family can be much more immune from diseases. Overall, these all organic multivitamins would be great to have as part of your lifestyle.


Get Healthy with these Natural Supplements Today

Want to have much better, even healthier options to keep away from sicknesses? Then it would be awesome to try enzymes and different variances of honey. These are sourced from various areas, plus even fruits and vegetables to ensure you’ll be getting the most out of every product.


Feel Relieved with Throat Sprays and Honey

Mouth ulcers, sore throats and other related ailments can be a huge discomfort. If you’d like to be more productive and feel better even when you’re sick, then you may want to consider having a sore throat spray handy.


The wondrous benefits of honey

Honey has been dubbed the name ‘liquid gold’. As obvious the nod is the colour of honey, it is in fact, as precious as gold because of the health benefits and medicinal purposes it has.


The underrated bee propolis

When we think of bees, the first thing that comes to our minds is honey. The thick, glossy, golden liquid that is stored in honey combs. However, bees produce much more than honey. They produce a more expensive and nutritional royal jelly, and also a lesser known substance known as bee Propolis.


3 Health Supplements that You Can Get From Bees

Honey is the most common bee product that everyone hears about and knows about. While honey is generally used as a sweetener, it also does provide many health benefits.


5 Ways to Relieve Your Sore Throat

Have you ever gotten an irritable and uncomfortable sore throat due to various reasons? Perhaps you ate too many deep fried foods, or maybe your sore throat was experienced together with other sicknesses such as coughing, flu, or colds.

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The Importance of Having Enough Enzymes in Your Daily Life

Everyone must have come across the word “enzyme” some time in their life. While most people have a vague idea that enzymes help in digestion of foods, they are unaware of the full importance of having enough enzymes every day for basic bodily functions.


Singapore Garden Festival – Market Place

Enter a magical world of exciting garden designs and exquisite floral creations as Singapore goes into full bloom this July at the Singapore Garden Festival 2016.

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Go Pure Sponsored Event

A Juice what? Well,  think pub crawl for juice! Juice Crawl Singapore is a one-off healthy living social event that brings the social & fun bar vibe to drinking cold pressed juice.


Go Pure Review by Natalie Tan

I don’t believe in adverts so when I share something it’s because I honestly believe in it. I mentioned taking raw honey a few weeks back but after consecutive days of snacking non-stop on heaty CNY snacks, even the raw honey couldn’t save me and I came down with the most bad-ass sorethroat ever!


What’s royal jelly and why is it special?

If you have bought or used honey before, chances are you’d heard of royal jelly being sold alongside honey products. You might be wondering why this yellow substance very similar to regular honey is being sold at such a higher price. Let’s have a look at the difference between royal jelly and regular honey.